Beijing Jiaotong University Law School 2021 Foreign Outstanding Legal Talents Series Course Successfully Concluded

In order to practice and implement the goal of cultivating outstanding legal talents in colleges and universities with industry characteristics, in the fall semester of the academic year 2021-2022, the Department of International Law invited professors and barristers from universities in the US, Australia and New Zealand to offer a series of courses on the theme of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and “Foreign Legal Talent Development” and WORKSHOP, including legal English writing, international commercial arbitration, Anglo-American trust law and case analysis.

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Professor Jennifer S. Stevenson first introduced the American judicial system, case retrieval system and then through the method of case comparison for students to demonstrate the main points of legal analysis and then in accordance with the CREAC Five Steps for Writing Legal Documents Lead students to complete the writing of legal documents. Barrister Paul F. Dalkie introduces international commercial arbitration and its procedures, how to analyze evidence, make written and oral submissions, and analyze fraud in international arbitration. Barrister Eva Ho contrasts and analyzes the legal system of trust between China and New Zealand, especially pointing out the positive role and risk of trust.

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Although this series of courses and case studies covered three topics and lasted for three months, it was well organized, lively and practical, which stimulated students’ enthusiasm for deep learning. Students actively interacted with the keynote speakers by actively asking and answering questions. It not only improves the English expression ability, but also expands the legal thinking, broadens the international vision, hammers the legal practice ability, and lays a solid foundation for international legal service for foreign students.

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Students actively interact with teachers in class

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